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Special Tour

Wine Tour

Wine tourism refers to tourism whose purpose is or includes the tasting, consumption or purchase of wine, often at or near the source. ... Wine tourism can consist of visits to wineries, vineyards and restaurants known to offer unique vintages, as well as organized wine tours, wine festivals or other special events.

Beach Tour

The beaches offer you an unending scope to enjoy yourself the way you want. Relax in isolation, walk in the water, play with sand, party till the early hours, admire the beauty of the surroundings or indulge in water sports - do anything, the choice is entirely yours."

Spa Tour

Spa tourism, associated with spa treatment, has been developing in the world and demand for preventive therapies for healthy rather than sick people is on the rise. There is also growing demand for wellness services. Relaxation coupled with health and beauty therapies is the objective of one’s stay in such centers.

Golf Tour

Golf tour is a travel for the purpose of participating in competitive golf tournament. The golf course may itself arrange accommodation inside the premises or you may stay in some picturesque bungalows near to the course. Lots of ladies have taken up golf as a serious sport.

Tea Tour

On a tea tour, you can watch or even participate in the entire process of tea making right from plucking to processing to packaging. Nature enthusiasts can spot a myriad species of flora and fauna or just while away a tranquil evening.

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