Femmes en Voyage - A Women only Travel ClubTrip Calender

Join the FEV Community of women. Become a member of FEV Club.

Rs.1500/- for a period of 12 months. By being a FEV member, you are eligible:

A. To receive the updates and itineraries of the latest trips / activities of FEV on mail / by post.

B. To receive an e- newsletter once in six months.

C. Will receive a member price for the tour (Discounted than a non-member)

D.10% discount on booking at Le Green hotels (www.legreenhotels.com )

Gold Card Membership

Rs.10, 000/- only for an annual Gold Card Membership (You must be a FEV member to subscribe for the Gold Card)

As Gold card Member, you are eligible for:

1. Invitation to the Annual Wine & Dine party in a star hotel.

2. A day out program with lunch for FEV members in a lovely resort.

3. A weekend out with FEV gang (Full expenses paid)

4. An Ayurvedic spa treatment in a hotel / treatment centre

5. A movie outing with high tea & snacks. Bring another lady absolutely free.

6. 10% discount on all FEV merchandise

7.10% discount on the booking done on selected Indian city hotels

* Membership must be current through the end date of the specific tour in order to receive the tour discount.

Member Benefits

1. Standby Listing on Full Tours - When a tour is full, a member can list as standby with no obligation. If a space does become available, the member will be contacted and can decide if she still wishes to take the trip. (This benefit is becoming increasingly important as more women learn about FEV and our tours sell out faster)

2. Earn Travel Credits ( TC ) - Each time you travel with FEV, you are building a travel savings account towards the cost of future trips. This unique benefit is only available to our members and can be worth thousands of rupees over time. For every Rs.1000/-paid towards the tour cost, you receive 2 travel credits. * Every travel credit is valued at Rs.50/-each.

3. First Notification on New Trip Announcements - As a member of FEV, you are the first to receive notification of new tours. This is important because we have had several instances where a tour has sold out before we announced it to non-members.

4. Travel Credit for referring friends & renewing membership - Here is an opportunity to build your travel savings account toward the cost of future trips. Members earn 8 travel credits for every referral that joins and 5 additional travel credits each time you renew your membership. If a Gold card Member (GDM)refer another member for Gold membership, she will earn 20 travel credits and for her own renewal of Membership (GDM), another 10 travel credits.

Have you traveled with FEV Club more than 6 times so far? If yes, you are entitled to free membership of FEV club for 2 years. Write back with details of the trips taken to get the free membership.

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