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FEV Merchandise Women generally want to use products which are safe, eco-friendly and economic. However, with the over exposure to online, visual and print media advertisements, they get often confused as to which is good for them and which is not. In the current scenario, popular advertisements become the yardstick for buying a product. However, quite often, you get deceived. This is very much true when it comes to beauty care products for women. Mostly women make instant choices for a wrong product and having come to know that she did not get the value that had been promised, she will be confused when making a purchase decision in the future. That’s where FEV comes to your aid. We offer limited number of products but that match what they promise. Basically we merchandise on eco-friendly, beauty and skincare products.

Green Products

The popularity of the green merchandise is increasing at a lightning speed due to their vast utilities. This is because these are known for their eco friendly properties! Moreover, the ingredients of the green merchandise are extremely healthful and are non-poisonous. These products increase the durability and efficacy of any object. According to a recent statistics, nearly 85% of humans are eyeing on green merchandise for their environmentally friendly property.

Our products make use of materials which would otherwise be destined for landfill sites... we use recycled paper, card, wood from sustainable forests, Bamboos, recycled plastics, recycled newspapers, recycled paper money, recycled denim material, water power, solar power, natural cotton and jute. We have a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly promotional items all of which can be personalized with your message or logo. Having eco friendly promotional items and corporate gifts are a fun way to help the environment, and market your organization at the same time.

Beauty care products

Most of our beauty care products are not available on regular shops and they had been added to our products’ list after much research . The following are some of them.