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Femmes en Voyage is one of the pioneering women only travel clubs in India organizing fixed tours for women travelers in India and abroad. We began in the year 2007 in Bangalore, India and initially the women only tours were all for our friends and their references. After a year or so we began contacting women from all walks of life to be part of our all women tours .The response was tremendous and extremely encouraging that we never had to look back.

Ms.Prema, the Director of the company brings in more than 10 years of her regular travel experience in the airline and tourism industry which has helped us to sustain in difficult times like the recent recession. The company was launched when women traveling in their own group were still a taboo in India though it was pretty common in the west.

Targeting women over 20, Lakshmi thought that it was high time women benefit from the same travel opportunities as men who seemed, frankly, to be having all the fun hunting, fishing and golfing with their “buddies.”

Moreover, While working on many tour packages in her previous company, she had keenly observed how men dominate the decision making process with respect to the choice of destinations, type of hotels, budget , mode of transport etc while women being just a passive listener. This inspired her to think of a travel club for women so that they can be on their own in a tour with safety, fun and freedom. And thus born Femmes En Voyage - a French word means “Women on Travel”

Says Lakshmi, “ I have been traveling regularly through the years and during one of the FAM tours organized for a all women group, I hit upon the idea of starting an exclusive women travel club that would allow women from all walks of life to experience the excitement and magic of travel” . FEV has grown from offering a few trips a year to more than 20 package tours in a year to domestic and international destinations. Based in Bangalore, she has inspired loyalty among its clients which is exceptional. Enquiries comes from as far as Sikkim, Punjab , Uttrakhand and Gujarat. It is truly an amazing.

FEV’s tours for women are unique as we combine a variety of activities which women always wanted to do like learning a new hobby, dressing up in a particular style, taking an adventure activity, living rural, cooking a local meal, learn some fashion and fitness tips, do Yoga, Meditation, getting wet in the country rains, having a bullock cart ride and many many such interesting things. They come back to us as they know that they can expect something innovative and something new to do during all our tours. This coupled with thoughtfully selected accommodations, authentic and tasty food, experienced guides, local flavor and safe travel keeps Femmes en Voyage at the forefront of the women’s travel market.”

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