Femmes en Voyage - A Women only Travel ClubTrip Calender

FEV offers well-planned package tours that include a balance of activities and leisure time along with carefully selected accommodations, tasty homely food, expert guides and a comfortable travel experience.

FEV provides their own woman tour leader on every trip whose role is to focus on each client’s personal travel experience as well as the group’s shared experience. Even though the women join the tour from diverse backgrounds and cultures, the feeling is akin to traveling with a group of your best childhood friends.

FEV create a space where you feel flexible in following your own agenda, whether that's to challenge yourself for adventure or to take some much needed rest & relaxation. After all it's your tour.

FEV love fun, great food, simple adventures and laughing a lot.

FEV create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable being who they are, and where everyone enjoys sharing their similarities and celebrating their differences.

FEV believe that feeling truly connected to the natural world is both a basic human need and deeply rejuvenating. In this context we comprehend the joys of challenging your limits.

FEV believe in exposing you to other cultures, in ways that are respectful and not exploitative, enriches our understanding of humanity as a whole.

FEV is flexible with respect to accommodation. They will accommodate any traveler who wants to share a room. For solo travelers this is an important service. Most of our women travelers come by themselves and most want to share a room. FEV are seriously committed to sustainable travel.

And finally, we are a team of young and passionate ladies who have organized meticulously planned, exciting and fun filled women only tours many times before. This coupled with our combined experience of 25 years in the hotel, airline and tourism industry make FEV a preferred choice for hundreds of our members and others to travel with us.

Why women only tours

1. They may have a husband who doesn't like to travel or is too busy with work or on regular business tours.
2. They may be widowed or separated, or they might find that most of their friends, relatives or colleagues are not able to travel with them for one reason or another.
3. On an all-women's tour, women can be totally by themselves without any botherations.
4. Travel for women promotes a healthy life style. The participants are encouraged to develop good habits, give up self harming habits like smoking, drug addiction, and alcohol and boost their energy and enthusiasm by Yoga, meditation and other habits.
5. Safety, comfort and affordability.
6. Can make lasting friendship and have free social interactions.
7. Can enjoy activities that are women centric.