Femmes en Voyage - A Women only Travel ClubTrip Calender

Q. What type of women travel with FEV?
A. On every tour we have women who are married, Single, separated or widowed. They are busy house wives, working women, retired ladies from all walks of life.

Q. Is FEV a lesbian Travel Company?
A. No. While all women are welcome to travel with FEV, we are strictly not a lesbian travel company.

Q. What is the average age of the women who travel with FEV?
A. In general, the age of travelers range from the early-20’s to the late 70’s.

Q. Do you get a lot of repeat travelers?
A. Yes! When women see how much fun it is to travel with other women in a relaxed group setting, with plenty of activities, but still have their independence, they love it and come back again and again!

Q. What is the typical group size?
A. Our typical group size is 15 to 17 travelers. However, most of the times it is between 10 -15 pax .

Q: How do I reserve a place on a trip?
A. Your deposit reserves your place. A telephone call or e-mail reserves your place for seven days, pending receipt of your deposit. When we receive your deposit we'll send you a Confirmation letter and other details about your trip.

Q. Is the group together all the time or is there time to explore on my own?
A. We design our tours to include a balance of structured time–planed activities included in the cost of the tour–with time to explore on your own or with the other women. The tour leader always makes recommendations on how to spend your free time, and is also available most of the time to pal around with if you wish to spend your free time with her.

Q.Do you repeat the same trips every year?
A. Yes / No. If there is great demand for a finished tour again, we repeat the same in the following year. However, every year is a new mix of tours. We believe that there is so much to see in the world, it would be unfair to our travelers to offer the same thing year in and year out. Typically we repeat the more popular tours every 3 years, and the more popular long weekend destinations every 12 months.

Q. What type of hotels do you stay in?
A. It varies. In a city, we choose hotels which are centrally located. Our choices are always clean, well maintained, and generally offer a continental breakfast. In natural tourist destinations we offer well maintained resorts/ home stays which are very unique in interiors and ambience. In Asia, we stay in hotels that reflect the charm and culture of the country. We will put a maximum of two women to a room–each with her own bed.

Q. Does everyone get a roommate that asks for one?
A. Yes. Everyone who requests a roommate will get a roommate. The tour leader shares a room with a traveler when necessary to ensure everyone has a roommate.

Q. How do you match roommates?
A. Matching roommates is decided by the FEV tour coordinator. She looks at the age of the travelers, their interests, what part of the country they are from, and combines that with other information she has gained from conversations or emails.

Q. Will I know who my roommate is before the trip?
A. Yes. A list of everyone going on the trip with their email address and phone numbers as well as roommate assignments is included in the Traveler’s Information Package, sent out about 15 days prior to departure. FEV encourages roommates to contact each other before the trip.