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Women are a leading force in todays’world. They are undoubtedly great at multitasking whether at office or at home, in the field or in rearing children. However, while doingso,they miss out a lot of fun in life.Women seldom get an opportunity tobe on her own - to express her true self, to rediscover her talents, indulge in some leisure activity, have a great meal, acquire a new skill or to simplytake care of herhealth. While traveling with her family, everyone have a great holiday except her. But can she have a life of her own? Can she have a holiday on her own ? Yes! And affirmatively yes!

The concept of woman traveling comfortably in their own company is the driving force behind Femmes en Voyage (FEV), an exclusive travel club for women based in Bangalore thatorganizes women only tours in India and abroad. It is the best solution for women who want to travel, but do not like the idea of traveling alone. FEV provides women the ability to travel in the safety and comfort of a small group while offering authentic experiences through a wide variety of scheduled women only holidays including adventure travel, Heritage tours, Wellness Holidays, wildlife tours, luxury cruises, shopping festivals and many more.

Till recently, the concept of women traveling to exotic destinations on vacations designed especially for women, by women, was very novel. Happily, times have changed! Today thousands of women of all ages, and from all walks of life, pack their bags many times a year to go on travel trips to domestic and worldwide destinations. In many ways, it is sounds better than staying back home!

Travel is one of the greatest tools we have for promoting world peace. By traveling together with women from diverse background and cultures you not only contribute in enhancing human relationships but also understanding of different cultures and civilizations. Women only tours not only connect us with others, but also help us to understand ourselves better.

It also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Staying active and enthusiastic as we grow in age; creating new challenges and goals for ourselves; being open to learning, both spiritually and culturally, during our tours; all the while confirming or rediscovering our fun-loving, assertive and confident selves. The participants are encouraged to develop good habits, give up self harming habits like smoking, drug addiction, and alcohol and boost their energy and enthusiasm by Yoga, meditation and other habits

In women only travel organized by FEV, there is no competition to see or to do more. Traveling with FEV group is all about friendship and connecting with one another. It's about learning to live life as it is and having a wonderful time while doing it.